The Royal Yorkshire Lodge has a long and proud history, spanning over 220 years. Being formed in 1788, the lodge was the font which the majority of lodges in West Yorkshire can trace their origins

The Royal Yorkshire Lodge can trace its origins back to the Royal Lancashire Lodge which met in Colne, Lancashire. These founder members came across the hills to found a lodge in Keighley. First meeting at the Devonshire arms, the lodge met in a number of places within Keighley until it purchased the current site in 1886. After the founding of the masonic hall company, the current rooms were built over a period of 2 years and opened to coincide with the lodge’s the centenary. The Lodge has been blessed with two very detailed monographs published in 1888 and 1988. This has contributed hugely to a lodge that is very aware of its own history. The lodge’s archives are not only a very comprehensive record of its history but also a useful resource.

If you want to know more about the history of the lodge or wish to look at our archives don’t hesitate to contact us