The Royal Yorkshire Lodge meets at Freemasons’ Hall, Cooke Street, Keighley BD21 3NN on the first Tuesday evening each month .

This is a short walk from the railway station and the town centre.

Our meetings generally start at 6.45 pm. If you are a Freemason and wish to arrange to visit us, then please contact us as we would be delighted to welcome you to the lodge as a visitor.

Meeting Dates

  • 8th January 2019 (Scroll Night)
  • 5th February 2019 (Installation – 3:30pm start)
  • 5th March 2019 (Passing)
  • 2nd April 2019 (Passing)
  • 10th May 2019 (Passing)
  • 4th June 2019 (Lecture)
  • 2nd July 2019 (Raising)
  • 6th August 2019 (Family Night)
  • 3rd September 2019
  • 1st October 2019
  • 5th November 2019
  • 3rd December 2019

Festive Board

After each lodge meeting, we dine together in more relaxed surroundings at the ‘Festive Board’ where we enjoy pre-dinner drinks followed by a three or four course meal. The Festive Board is an integral and important part of Freemasonry and is an opportunity to enjoy the social side with members of the lodge and our visitors.

Social Events

Whilst membership is only open to men, we do involve our wives and partners in all social aspects of Freemasonry such as formal dinners and dances and less formal gatherings organised either to raise money for charity or just for fun.