In Masonic Lodges, there are Non-Progressive and Progressive Officers which are appointed each year at the Installation of the new Master.

Each year, a Brother moves through the Progressive Offices on a journey from Steward, via the Deacons and Wardens, to the highest honour within a Lodge – the Master.

Non-Progressive offices are usually occupied by members who are Past Masters of the Lodge and tend to be occupied by the same person for a number of years, to provide continuity and experience.

Officers of the
Royal Yorkshire Lodge 2022/23

WBro David T Key Worshipful Master
WBro Andrew Harrison Senior Warden
WBro David A Key Junior Warden
WBro Mark Exley Immediate Past Master
 WBro Leslie Allinson Chaplain
Bro Peter Clarke Treasurer
WBro Keith Morrison Secretary
WBro Chris Wilcock Director of Ceremonies
Bro Simon (Jim) Shenton Almoner
 WBro Chris Wilcock Charity Steward
 WBro Richard Binns Lodge Mentoring Coordinator
WBro Simon (Jim) Shenton Senior Deacon
Bro Michael Halliday Junior Deacon
WBro Peter Howarth Assistant Director of Ceremonies
 Bro Emanuale Bernardini Organist
WBro Mark Exley Assistant Secretary
 Bro Peter Braime Inner Guard
 Bro James Aslam Armitage Steward
Bro David Connor Steward
Bro Peter Karkoska Steward
Bro David Key Tyler