Lodge attends rememberance Sunday Parade

On Sunday 11th November, members of the Royal Yorkshire Lodge and other brethren from the local area attended the Keighley Rememberance Day parade. The brethren attended the event in full regalia. Some former members of the armed forces, including the Master, WBro Neil Armitage, also wore their berets and military ties.

The event was well attended civic, military and other dignitaries. Also, members of the armed, youth and uniformed services were in attendance. After, the brethren opened the lodge rooms up and served tea and coffee to members of the public.

Photo courtousey of Toni Armitage. On early parade were [left to right] Bro. Dave Connor, Bro. James Aslam-Armitage, W.Bro. Edward Sissling PGSW, W.Bro. Andrew Harrison. PPSGD, Bro. Mike Moran, W.Bro. Neil Armitage, Bro. Peter Karkoszka, with Lodge Liaison Officer; W.Bro. Graham Lake, PAGDC, PPSGW

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