Lodge attends Keighley Show

On Saturday 1st September members of the Royal Yorkshire Lodge attended the Keighley Show. The stand was shared with members of the Order of Women Freemasons. The stand was manned by the Worshipful Master WBro Neil Armitage and other members of the lodge. WBro Arimitage said the purpose of the stand was to “raise the profile of the Lodge and give members of the public the opportunity to learn more about the organisation”.

Bro Toni Armitage, who is a member of the Order of Woman Freemasons, said it was “so positive to see male and female freemasons working together to promote the Craft”.

Bro Peter Clarke who also attended said the show “was a fantastic event and we were really lucky with the weather”. The show was well attended by many members of the public and included agricultural displays, livestock and other local organisations. The Worshipful Master went on to say “I wish to thank everyone who supported us on the day and look forward to next years event”.

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