Lodge learns more about the Tracing Board

On Tuesday 6th July, the Royal Yorkshire Lodge was treated to an explanation and history of the 1st degree tracing board. An object of huge masonic significance which is present at every meeting of the lodge. The lecture was lead by the director of ceremonies WBro Chris Wilcok with a number of junior and senor brethren taking parts of the lecture.

The Bro David “Diddy” Key, Bro Simon Shenton and WBro Mark Exley all took part of the lecture which explored elements of architectural theory and the symbolism behind it. The lecture also covered elements of the history of the tracing boards as practical objects. The Master thanked the brethren for their presentation and said he looked forward to future lectures on topic of the tracing boards.

Royal Yorkshire Lodge Festive Board

The meeting was attended by visitors from five different lodges who all said they were made to feel very welcome. The evening was concluded by an excellent 4 course festive board.

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